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 Youngs Lawn care service Serving Martinsville,Henry county area.

Per Cut Program- This is perfect for the customers who prefer to do their own yard maintenance and gardening throughout the year but want assistance with mowing, edging, trimming during growing season. It is also good for those that do their own lawn maintenance but need someone while on vacation or illness. Per Cut Pricing depends on size of the lot but usually 40 Dollars per acre.

Additional options are available, such as; mulching, pruning, aerating, overseeding, fall leaf clean up, stick branch removal. 

Annual 12 month contract- Have you always dreamed of a manicured lawn without the constant work? if so then our annual contract is for you. Not only does it save you money over our per cut program but it allows us to consistently maintain your yard. 
We can fix those problem areas and have your lawn looking great. In addition to mowing, trimming, edging and blowing. 
Year round our annual contract also includes fall leaf cleanup, and site clean up. You will also receive optional services such as aerating, seeding, mulching, straw, planting, pruning, fertilizing, etc.

Estate Contract- Our Estate Contracts include everything that the Annual contract includes and more. We offer customized contracts for all lawn care needs. 
Lawn Maintenance, pruning, shaping, mulching annual beds, fertilizing, lime, aerating and more. 

How does the annual contract save you money?
The following is provided for reference only;  each yard is based on size and other variables,  In this area most yards are mowed 30 to 40 times per year. If you were to pay an average per cut price of $40 Dollars, 35 times a year, that would cost you $1400.00. 
With our annual contract you would save over $200 Dollars or more.
Our annual contact includes important services that keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.  With the per cut program the cost would be extra.  Such as leaf removal and onsite cleanup. 
In addition you will also get discounts on other services such as aerating, overseeding etc. 
This can be paid in monthly installments at a 15% discount on other services

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