With Young's your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Serving Ohio in the Butler, Warren and Hamilton Counties

Lawn Care

We believe a heathy lawn is essential to your home. 

Young's Lawn Care offers full service lawn fertilizing, weed control, aeration and seeding. 

Young's Lawn Care uses a blend of traditional and organic fertilizers to feed not only your lawn, but your soil ecosystem as well. A healthy soil is the foundation for a lush, green healthy lawn and reduces the need for chemical pesticides.

The Personal Touch

Young's Lawn Care is owned and operated by Ric Young himself. Let his personal touch give you the lawn of your dreams.

Premium Products

We use only the highest quality professional products on your lawn. We are always up to date on the latest products and technologies in plant health. 

Licensed and Insured

Rest assured that you're in good (and professional) hands with Young's Lawn Care.

Our Services

Lawn Care Programs

Our 6 round lawn care program will have your neighbors green with envy. Using a combination of traditional and organic fertilizers, we focus on creating a healthy soil to reduce the need for chemical pesticides.


Core aeration is a mechanical process which extracts cores of soil, thatch and grass from the surface of the lawn to increase nutrient availability, water penetration, soil air exchange and reduce compaction

Compost Top Dressing

Topdressing a lawn with compost adds organic matter to the soil, which provides for proper drainage and better tilth. That organic matter also hosts beneficial microorganisms that turn organic fertilizer and minerals in the soil into plant-available nutrients that can be taken up by roots.

About Young's Lawn Care

Ric's Story

Ric has been involved in the landscape maintenance industry since 2011. In 2019 he obtained his pesticide license and began to specialize in lawn treatments. 

As an independent owner/operator, Ric is always just a phone call away. You'll have Ric's guarantee that you'll be happy with his knowledge, skill and workmanship.

"I put my name on the line and stand behind what I do."


What our customers are saying


Thanks Ric, the yard, the rock and landscaping looks great. Hope you took before pictures.


He did an amazing job with my yard!! I have a rock and stone drainage ditch running down half my yard and he took on my yard no problem! Thank you!


You did an outstanding job. I am very pleased and I appreciate you very much.

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Serving Ohio in the Butler, Warren and Hamilton Counties 

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